Does Your Home Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

Signs you should look out for before scheduling an appointment

Like every other major system and appliance in your home, your air system needs maintenance. If your ducts are full of dust and debris, your unit may have a hard time circulating air throughout your home even though it's functioning fine. Ameri-Air offers air cleaning services in New Iberia, LA to vacuum out all the dust and particles from your ductwork.

Irritants can cause your allergens to flare up and lower your home's air quality. Keep your home clean and your family healthy by scheduling an air duct cleaning today.

How to tell if you need an air duct cleaning now

Your HVAC system functions because it has many parts. If your unit was recently replaced or you're still uncomfortable in your home despite its performance, consider scheduling an air system cleaning. There a few things you can look out for that will help you determine when you should schedule an air duct cleaning. These signs can include:

  • Visible mold growing on your ducts or vents
  • Vermin or insect infestation
  • Particles being released into your air from your supply vents

If you suspect any of the above is occurring in your home, call 337-967-1126 now.